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Survival Kit: Bridal Edition

There are so many different items that are needed when getting ready for your wedding day. Not only does the Bride have to make sure she has everything she needs, but she also has to come prepared with different items for her Bridesmaids. So, here is My Wedding Wardrobe's top 5 things that a bride should have when getting ready for her special day! Each of the photos contains a link to purchase the items!


Getting ready outfit for the bride and bridesmaids- Make sure you bring robes or button down shirts/pajamas for your bridal party to ensure their hair and makeup will not mess up when it comes time to put their dress on. Here are a few examples:

Cosmetic bag with essentials including: safety pins, double stick tape, mints,

mini sewing kit, deodorant, oil blotting sheets, and especially stain remover. Here are some of our favorite cosmetic bags:

Bottle of bubbly- This will be a great thing to have in the bridal suite, because it will be so cute for pictures and super fun while everyone is getting ready. Here are some of My Wedding Wardrobe's favorite champagne glasses:

Jewelry- Make sure you have a small jewelry box that can keep your gems safe for the big day. Here are some earrings from one of our favorite jewelry designers, Ashley Woods: