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Something Series: Something Old

With wedding season officially back in full swing, follow along our 'Something Series', taking you through the perfect old, new, borrowed and blue.

Starting off with Something Old, here are some ideas to make your bride feel special! Whether it's a swatch from an old dress in the family passed down to add to her bouquet or reception clutch or even a piece of jewelry passed down from generation to generation, your bride is sure to feel special when receiving this Something Old.

More Ideas:

  • Family jewelry passed down (earrings, necklace, bracelet, broach etc.)

  • Monogrammed hanky with each relatives wedding dates sewn in

  • Passed down religious metal/rosary for bouquet

  • Veils from relatives/loved ones

  • Pieces of previous dresses from family/loved ones who have been married before the bride

  • Hair piece from relative/loved one

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