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Honeymoon Beach Looks

My husband and I just got back from our incredible honeymoon in French Polynesia! It was truly the trip of a lifetime and we enjoyed every second! Below are some of the swimsuits I wore on our trip. Of course, I had a lot of older ones too that I can't link, but wanted to share some fun options and ideas if you are heading to a tropical location! I'm OBSESSED with my Hunza G swimsuits and cannot recommend them enough. They are one size fits all but are so stretchy and stayed on well when we were snorkeling and doing water activities. If you have swimsuits that don't have pads built in, I absolutely swear by theses covers they are waterproof and stay on all day- a must have for bikini season. I don't have pictures of me in all of the looks, but I'll post a few from our trip! Happy Honeymooning!


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