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Bachelorette Party: Savannah, GA

January 21st-24th, 2021.


I've had lots of requests to share bachelorette parties that I've been on. Since one of my best friends got married this past weekend, I thought it was only right that I recap her bachelorette party weekend in Savannah, GA. Here was the schedule for the weekend:

There are a few other places that I'd like to share as well. We went to The Peacock bar on the first night with a small group and it was so fun! It has a speakeasy feel and is located in an alley, so it is kind of hard to find. It is small, so it is definitely better with a smaller group. On Thursday they had a live singer. We went back for one drink on Saturday and the vibe totally changed- they had a DJ and it was packed. Everyone was dancing and it was a blast!

Friday night we went to Smiles Piano Bar and sang the night away! If you love piano bars this one was great!

On Saturday, before our Slow Ride Bar Crawl, we went to the new JW Marriott. This is a MUST see! It is right by the water and has 3 rooftop bars! There are even two that connect via slides- SO FUN! On a sunny day you could seriously hang out here all day.

Saturday night we hit up a few different bars including The Rail Pub for some karaoke. It was PACKED. Heads up- you'll have to bribe the DJ to get to the front of the line to sing.

I had no idea Savannah was such a great bachelorette party destination, but I HIGHLY recommend it!

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